Month: May 2016

Radio Show Links 5-27-16

Here are the links for this week’s show! This week we have stories from across the spectrum. Cephalopods, A possible new fundamental force of nature, and a possible end to animal testing among other stories. We’ll also talk about how the ‘superbug’ is not coming to kill us all just yet.  (more…)

Links for 5/20/16

Sappho Poem Date…19…18C.pdf


Forensic Science Failures

Mantle Convection Currents

First Topographical Map of Mercury

“Discovery” of 2007 OR10;

Colorectal Cancer Risk in 18th Century Mummy

Common Snapping Turtle

Radio Show 4-29-16

Sorry this is so late!

Beetle with Zinc in Jaw

Amazon River Plume Coral Reef (Pictures of samples found)

Hugging your Dog?!

Rosacea and Alzheimer’s